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Sanitizing Surfaces



Is it safe to go to the gym during the COVID-19 pandemic?

A: Booking a class or a session online is best. Our classes are limited to a maximum of 9 people per class. Our classes and training sessions are performed safely and following the recommended CDC guidelines for safety and sanitation.  


What kind of physical activity can I do at home because of the coronavirus disease?

A: Contact us about setting up full online training or nutrition sessions to do in the comfort of your home if that works best for you.

What precautionary measures is your gym doing to minimize the spread of COVID-19?

A: Our daily routine consists of cleaning and disinfecting all exercise equipment and tools between users, we provide disinfecting wipes and/or paper towels and disinfectant for our patrons to use before and after exercising at each location/station/piece of equipment, we use online payment systems and cashless transactions to better serve you, our classes are small and we practice social distancing as well as mandated mask wearing at all times.

Do I need to wear a mask when exercising at a gym during the COVID-19 pandemic?

A: Short answer, Yes!

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