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Thunderdome Strength and Conditioning is committed to helping you reach your full potential. We want to provide you with all the tools necessary. Please check out our site and fill out our questionnaires and submit. From there we will set up an appointment to discuss your journey.



At Thunderdome Strength and Conditioning help is available through custom workout routines. From beginners to advanced clients, program designs or adjustments, can help you reach your fitness goals. Your custom design will be unique to your goals and timetable. We use a SMART philosophy: Specific; Measurable; Attainable; Realistic; and Timely


Through consultation and assessment, we will become your Nutrition Accountability Coach. Together we will discuss and educate you on making good nutrition choices, along with a balanced exercise program. Accredited information, consultations, and check - in appointments will be tools to reach your goals. We will be your guide and coach.

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Our Online Training services can develop a routine for you to watch and perform. Together we can develop a plan through your fitness goals and design a workout. We can also analyze and coach you through any workouts you video yourself and send to us. We are to help you reach those goals. Online Training gives you the option of working out in any location Ray Dunn

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